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The use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding are used with the 60-70s until today. Unfortunately, most have developed a negative attitude to their use. In their opinion, the use of anabolic steroids does more harm than good. Such statements are usually based on failure to comply with the norms and rules of their use

First of all, we must firmly understand. The use of anabolic steroids is not the staple food, but only a Supplement to a properly-chosen, balanced diet. Anabolics in bodybuilding take a leading place. This is primarily due to the fact that their use leads to an increase in muscle mass.

Varieties of preparations of this type in the last time there was a huge variety. They are distinguished according to their chemical properties, composition components, the type of production, etc. Company the manufacturers do not skimp on advertising, which is often not true.

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How to understand this diversity of anabolic?

First of all, you can not blindly trust advertising. Before you purchase the drug you need to consult with a specialist. The same is fraught with serious consequences buy anabolic steroids in the spontaneous markets, through an advertisement in the Internet. Well even if you give some dummy from the Cretaceous, but we know cases when under the guise of steroids sold drugs with expire shelf life.

So make purchases in specialized stores. Well established anabolic agents of plant origin. They have virtually the same properties as artificial anabolic steroids, it does not have their negative side properties. With regard to anabolic drugs obtained by chemical synthesis, probably the most popular is methandrostenolone, also known as danabol.

The main indicator of the popularity of methandrostenolone, is that even at the lowest doses possible to achieve amazing results. For optimal results, danabol is use with anabolics alternative actions.

For example: together with danabol is more intensive growth of muscle tissue.

In combination with Oxandrolone increases strength.

Thus, to use steroids in bodybuilding is not only possible, but necessary, subject to strict compliance with the rules of their admission.

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