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Workouts at home are a budget alternative to working out in the gym. The benefits of exercising at home are:

» Accessibility;
» Ability to choose a convenient time;
» Saving time on the road;
» Lack of critical gazes;
» Psychological comfort.

However, pumping up the muscles without a barbell at home requires self-discipline and knowledge of at least the basics of sports physiology. The absence of a coach to point out mistakes increases the risk of injury and a beautiful body is a combination of physical activity, proper nutrition and relaxation. 

Is it possible to pump up at home without an exercise machine?

Keeping a fitness journal is a great way to discipline yourself and keep track of your progress while training at home.

While training at home, you may benefit from the following equipment:

» Sports Clothing & Shoes
» Rug
» Watch

Optionally, you can use basic additional sports equipment:

» Fitballs
» Elastic bands
» Resistance bands
» Horizontal bar
» Crossbar
» Rings
» Loops

 What you need for muscle growth: The basics

» Objectives. Before you start training, it is important to set goals and choose the appropriate program to suit you, your body and your lifestyle.
» Control. For self-control, it is recommended to enter a plan for the day in a fitness diary, as well as the exercises performed, the frequency of repetitions, the number of hours of sleep and the daily dieting information.
» Nutrition. For muscle mass and an increase in building defined muscles, it is important to eat enough protein. Carbohydrates provide energy for exercise. Fats are essential for the absorption of vitamins.
» Water is essential for maintaining the vital functions of the body. It is recommended to drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day, as well as 1-1.5 liters during an intense workout.
» Emphasis on basic exercises. For beginners, it is better to include in the program 2-3 basic multi-joint exercises that work out the maximum number of muscles. The base will help tone the whole body.
» The number of workouts at home should be 3-4 times a week for 60-90 minutes, including warm-up and a cool-down.
» The repetition rate should be adequate for physical state. To pump up without iron at home, it is better to start with 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Gradually, the multiplicity is increased to 7-8 sets of 12-15 repetitions.
» Cardio. Anaerobic exercises warm up the body well, pump the heart and improve endurance.
» Speed. Exercises for pumping strength are performed in fast mode.
» Rest. New muscle fibers grow during rest, so you should take time to relax.

Exercises for training at home without exercise machines 


 Squats belong to the category of universal exercises. Different variations of squats allow you to use up to 85% of all muscles in the body.

Squat Effects:

» Strengthening core muscles; abs and back
» Improving posture
» Improving movements coordination
» Burning calories
» Developing all joints of the legs
» Increasing testosterone levels 

 Technique: Feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. The abdomen is tucked up, the spine is straightened. The gaze is directed to the front. On inhalation, bend the legs at the knee joints, pulling the pelvis back as far as possible. The knee itself should not go beyond the toe line. The angle between the hip and knee is 90 degrees. The arms can be bent at the elbows or extended in front of you. As you exhale, straighten up.

Wall squats

Target: Glute, calf, and thigh muscles.

Technique: Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. The shoulder blades and buttocks are pressed against the wall. As you inhale, go down, the angle between the knee and the hip should be 90 degrees. Sliding down, you should not take the shoulder blades and buttocks off the wall. As you exhale, go up.

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 Push ups

Target: Back muscles, abs, chest, delts, triceps and biceps. To a lesser extent, the muscles of the legs are involved. In October 1980, Minora Yoshida set a world record of 10,507 push-ups.

The type of load depends on the position of the hands:

» Wide – emphasis on biceps workout
» Narrow – emphasis on triceps workout.

 Technique of execution: Front plank, support on the palms and toes. The back should be straight from crown to tailbone. The gaze is directed in front of you to the floor. While inhaling, bend your arms at the elbow joints and go down. The angle between the biceps and forearm should be 90 degrees. Do not lower your belly, chest, or chin to the floor. On exhalation, return to the initial position.

Reverse push-ups

Target: Triceps, delts, thoracic segment and back.

Technique of execution: back leaning of the palms on the edge of the bench, as well as on the heels. The buttocks are directed to the floor. As you exhale, bend your arms at the elbows until a right angle is formed. On exhalation, return to the initial position, pushing yourself upward with the help of triceps.


Target: Leg muscles.

Technique: Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. One foot makes a front step-lunge. Feet parallel, weight on front leg. On inhalation, bend the knee of the back leg, forming a right angle with the thigh. The front knee should not go beyond the line of the foot. As you exhale, go up, pushing the body with the help of the gluteal muscles.


Target: Core, leg, glute, and arm muscles. It is recommended to start with 30 seconds, gradually increasing the load up to 120-300 seconds. 

Technique of execution: Support yourself on the palms and the toes. The palms are located under the shoulders. You can also lean on your forearms. The line of the spine should be flat, the abdomen is tense, there is no deflection in the lower back. You need to hold the position as much as possible.

Side plank

Target: Arms, back and abs.

The side plank is a complicated version of the classic exercise, so it is recommended to include it in the program after mastering the base.

Technique: Lying on the side. Support on the lateral surface of the foot and the palm or forearm. The hips are held at the top. The back should be flat, without sagging. It is recommended to stay in the position for as long as possible. After a short rest, execute on the other side.


Target: The muscles of the arms, legs and core.

Technique: Lying on your stomach, arms extended forward. As you exhale, raise your head, arms and legs. Keep the limbs straight. Linger in the position for 30-120 seconds.

Leg curls

Target: Abdominal muscles.

Technique of execution: Lying on your back, hands are clasped behind the head in a lock. The legs are raised and bent at the knees 90 degrees. As you exhale, pull your knees to your chest while lifting your shoulder blades above the mat.


Target: Muscles of the whole body.

Technique: Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Perform a squat, transfer the weight to your hands. Jump to straighten your legs back, taking an emphasis lying. Return to initial position. Jump up. 

Circular training (super set)

Circular training (super set) is a type of workout where several exercises are performed without rest or with a minimal pause between sets. There can be up to 10 sets in total with an interval of 1-3 minutes between cycles. The training focuses on fat burning and endurance training. buy saizen hgh online

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Program and training schedule example for a week without dumbbells


» Classic squat
» Sumo with jumping out
» Attacks Walking
» Classical plank
» Push-ups with a broad stance of the hands
» Burpees


» Deep squats
» Bulgarian lunges
» Reverse push-ups
» Superman
» Curls with leg raises
» Burpees


» Wall Squats
» Classic Push-ups
» Curtsy Lunges
» Plank
» Burpees

Developing muscle groups without any gymnastic apparatus

The exercises below will help you to pump up muscle without gymnastic apparatus at home. It is recommended to perform exercises at a slow pace, 3-4 sets for 12-15 repetitions. The workout must include a warm-up and a cool-down. buy saizen hgh online

Building chest without trainers or iron

» Plank
» Push-ups with wide arms
» Explosive push-ups
» Push-ups with a bend forward
» Push-ups for triceps
» Reverse push-ups
» Exercise with legs on the bench
» Push-ups with crossed legs
» Push-ups with bent knees

Building the back without gymnastic apparatus or iron

» Push-ups with wide arms
» Bridge
» Pull-ups on the horizontal bar
» Hyperextension
» Plank
» Push-ups from an elevated position
» Circular push-ups
» Dolphin

 Building hands without gymnastic apparatus or iron

» Triceps and biceps row with elastic band
» Pushups
» Reverse push-ups
» Pullups
» Plank
» Superman
» Dolphin
» Negative push-ups
» Push-ups with side step
» Push-ups with a jump
» Push-ups with a clap
» Push-ups with one hand support
» Diamond push-ups
» Reverse push-ups from the floor

Building legs without gymnastic apparatus and iron

» Pistol
» Squats with pulsation
» Squats backed on tiptoes
» Sumo
» Sumo with jumping out
» Squats with twists
» Frog
» Surfer
» Ninja
» Pacing squat
» Forward and backward lunges
» Side lunges
» Walking lunges
» Lunges with knees rise
» Bulgarian lunges
» Lunge-curtsy

Building the abdomen without gymnastic apparatus or iron

» Plank with two or three points of support
» Plank twisting
» Dolphin
» Mountaineer
» Jumping
» Plank with feet on an elevated support
» Direct twisting
» Reverse twisting
» Russian twist
» Clamshell
» Penknife
» Gluteal bridge

Common myths about iron-free workouts

Muscle grows only when working with weights

Resistance is a great way to improve the effectiveness of strength training.

However, muscles grow with any type of load. A good example of effective training with own weight are calisthenics athletes: Chris Geria, Frank Medrano and Michelle Vasquez. Fitness and bodybuilding books author Brad Schonfield recommends 6-15 repetitions of each exercise. buy saizen hgh online

Only slow loads are effective

The fast concentric phase uses a lot of fast fibers, but the eccentric phase really needs to be slow and smooth to become most effective. buy saizen hgh online

Home workouts are ineffective

The effectiveness of training at home depends on the correctness of the exercise, the regularity of the exercise and the diet. If all the conditions are met, then pumping up without dumbbells at home is an achievable goal.

Strength training adds weight

Muscle is 30% heavier than fat, so the arrow on the scale may show a higher number than before training. However, it is recommended to focus on volume of the muscle and fat rather than the overall total weight.

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